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TheHive Project

Security Incident Response for the Masses


  1. TheHive TheHive Public

    TheHive: a Scalable, Open Source and Free Security Incident Response Platform

    Scala 3.3k 603

  2. Cortex Cortex Public

    Cortex: a Powerful Observable Analysis and Active Response Engine

    Scala 1.3k 215

  3. Cortex-Analyzers Cortex-Analyzers Public

    Cortex Analyzers Repository

    Python 421 371

  4. docs docs Public

    Official documentation for TheHive Project applications

    HTML 19 30

  5. Docker-Templates Docker-Templates Public

    Docker configurations for TheHive, Cortex and 3rd party tools

    Shell 102 89

  6. TheHive4py TheHive4py Public

    Python API Client for TheHive

    Python 209 144


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