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PowerObfuscator obfuscate your PS3 .PRX/.SPRX plugins


  • Compile Time String Obfuscation
  • Compile Time Hash Generation
  • Compile Time Random Number Generator
  • Real Time Function Encryption & Decryption
  • Real Time Memory Address Encryption & Decryption
  • Dump Obfuscation
  • Segment Obfuscation [.text] [.data] [.rodata]

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Preview ASM

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How To Use

  1. In order for your sprx to decrypt you need to add pobf::Segment::DecryptSegments(main);to your main(). It must be the first function

Main Example

  1. In your prx go to definition of pobf::Segment::DecryptSegments(main); and replace the encryption key with your own.

  2. Now load your prx in app and enter your encryption key. Default encryption key is: 5DF8B37ADF473A006210F4C66B4C8ECA148192813560F950F1804EF92C10EFDE0EEE63D63010088D705BCA549FC38383EB2F5110BEE4F1D88CD7F1D4719EBDB6

App Example

Installing PowerObfuscator into your sprx source code

  1. Download the latest release from Releases
  2. Navigate to your SDK installation folder (default: C:\usr\local\cell\target\ppu)
  3. Drop the include and lib folders
  4. Open up Project Properties and Add -lc to your project "Additional Dependencies"
  5. Add -lPowerObfuscator to your project "Additional Dependencies"
  6. Add $(SCE_PS3_ROOT)\target\ppu\lib\libpsutil.a to your project "Additional Dependencies"


  1. Now go to Linker change "Output Format" to PRX File

output format

  1. Change "Debug Info and Symbol Stripping" to Strip Debug Information Only

symbol stripping

  1. In Project Properties navigate to C/C++ then Language and change "C++ Language Standard" to Use C++11


  1. Now go to General and change "Target Extension" to .prx

file extension

  1. Add #include <libpsutils.h> into your project
  2. Add #include <PowerObfuscator.h> into your project

header includes

Building Requirements

When building make sure to set PowerObfuscatorGUI as the startup project

  • Right click project PowerObfuscatorGUI right click
  • Click on Set As Startup Project set as startup project


  • andrivet
  • canehaxs
  • cr-lupin
  • gopro2027
  • John Valincius
  • jordywastaken
  • LeFF