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mtraceroute (alpha)

Multipath traceroute (mtraceroute) is based on and implements similar functionality to Paris traceroute. It keeps the flow identifier of probe packets fixed to avoid triggering traffic load balancing in Internet routes whenever possible. Moreover, mtraceroute implements the Multipath Detection Algorithm, which identifies routers that perform load balancing on the route from a source to a destination. mtraceroute systematically varies probe packets’ headers to classify load balancing behavior.

Download and build

% git clone
% autoreconf --install
% ./configure
% make


Linux, gcc, libpcap and root access


mtraceroute ADDRESS [-c command] [-w wait] [-z send-wait]

    -c command: traceroute|ping|mda, default: traceroute
    -r number of retries: default: 2
    -w seconds to wait for answer: default: 1
    -z milliseconds to wait between sends: default: 20
    MDA: -c mda [-a confidence] [-f flow-id] [-t max-ttl]

        -a confidence level in %: 90|95|99, default: 95
        -f what flow identifier to use, some values depends on
           the type of the address
           IPv4: icmp-chk, icmp-dst, udp-sport, udp-dst, tcp-sport, tcp-dst
                 Default: udp-sport
           IPv6: icmp-chk, icmp-dst, icmp-fl, icmp-tc, udp-sport, udp-dst,
                 udp-fl, udp-tc, tcp-sport, tcp-dst, tcp-fl, tcp-tc
                 Default: udp-sport
        -t max number of hops to probe: default: 30

    TRACEROUTE: -c traceroute [-t max-ttl] [-m method] [-p probes-at-once]

        -t max number of hops to probe: default: 30
        -m method of probing: icmp|udp|tcp, default: icmp
        -p number of probes to send at once: default: 3

    PING: -c ping [-n send-probes]

        -n number of probes to send: default: 5


Please check