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Unleash in Docker compose

This repo contains a docker compose file and an extended dockerfile for running the Unleash server. The docker compose file will start a database, the Unleash server, and an Unleash proxy.

The extended Unleash dockerfile is very small shim on top of unleash/unleash to include wait-for and allow the docker-compose configuration to ensure that we're not starting Unleash until the database is up and running.


  1. Clone the unleash-docker repository.
  2. Run docker-compose build in repository root folder.
  3. Run docker-compose up in repository root folder.

Useful links:

User accounts

  • Once started up, you'll have a user with
    • username: admin
    • password: unleash4all

Work locally with this repo

Start by cloning this repository.

We have set up docker-compose to start postgres and the unleash server together. This makes it really fast to start up unleash locally without setting up a database or node.

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up

On some computers the database won't start in time for Unleash the first time you run this. If Unleash fails to reach the database, docker-compose restart web usually resolves the issue.


We are using docker-compose version 3.9 and it requires:

  • Docker engine 19.03.0+
  • Docker compose 2.0.0+

For more info, check out the compatibility matrix on Docker's website: compatibility-matrix