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Variate plugin for Nuxt.js


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Variate Nuxt


  • Install the package:
$ npm install @variate/nuxt
  • Register the module in nuxt.config.js:
buildModules: [
  • Create the middleware/variate.js file, it will be used to initialize Variate, pass in the route object and any targeting values of your choice:
export default function ({ app: { $variate }, route }) {
  if($variate) {
      view: route,
      targeting: {


You can override any options from Variate in nuxt.config.js:

variate: {
    debug: true,
    tracking: true,
    pageview: true,
    reporter: () => {
        // your custom reporting function

By default, this module will attempt to load any configuration file named variate.json in the source directory of Nuxt directory.

If you would like to customize this path, specify the configPath in the variate config block in nuxt.config.js.