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  1. AvalonStudio AvalonStudio Public

    Cross platform IDE and Shell

    C# 1.6k 228

  2. CefGlue.Core CefGlue.Core Public

    Port of CefGlue to .net Core

    C# 86 23

  3. AvalonStudio.Shell AvalonStudio.Shell Public

    Reusable Shell components from AvalonStudio.

    C# 77 21

  4. Xune Xune Public

    C# 71 7

  5. AvalonStudio.TerminalEmulator AvalonStudio.TerminalEmulator Public

    Avalonia control that allows embedding applications inside an emulated terminal.

    C# 39 11

  6. VtNetCore.Avalonia VtNetCore.Avalonia Public

    C# 16 12


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