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An automation plugin for OBS Studio.
More information can be found in the OBS forums or the plugin's wiki.


Binaries for Windows, MacOS, and Linux are available in the Releases section.

Installing the plugin

For the Windows and MacOS platforms, it is recommended to run the provided installers.

On Linux the plugin is available via the Flatpak package manager for users who installed OBS via Flatpak:

flatpak install com.obsproject.Studio.Plugin.SceneSwitcher

The Snap package manager offers an OBS Studio installation which is bundled with the plugin:

sudo snap install obs-studio


  • If you wish to contribute code to the project, have a look at this section describing how to compile the plugin.
  • You can optionally use pre-commit to automatically handle formatting.
  • If you wish to contribute translations, feel free to submit pull requests for the corresponding files under data/locale.