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A script language of time-sharing scheduling coroutine in single thread


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Melang is a script Language of time-sharing scheduling coroutine in single thread or multi-thread. It is only support on UNIX/Linux.


If you want to install Melang on Windows, please download mingw and git bash at first.

Please install Melon at first. It is the core library that Melang depends on.

Then execute these following shell commands:

$ git clone
$ cd Melang
$ ./configure [some options, --help will list them all]
#Then make
$ make #only install melang elf
$ make lib #only install dynamic libraries
$ make all #install melang and dynamic libraries
#make install
$ make install

prefix is the path where melang will be placed after shell install executed. Default is /usr/bin/.

libprefix is the install-path of library that melang relied on. The library will be installed at /usr/local/melon_for_melang by default.

After installed, you can execute these commands below:

melang -v //show version
melang -h //help information
melang a.mln b.mln ... //execute melang files

Docker Image

If you need to quickly start a Melang runtime environment, you can use this Docker image.

docker pull melonc/melon



sys = Import('sys');
sys.print("Hello World!");
melang example.m

The output is:

Hello World!


Meproc: a cross-platform process management and supervision service.


BSD-3-Clause License

Copyright (c) 2018-present, Niklaus F. Schen


Please refer to Official Site for more details.