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HP intentionally sabotaged their Officejet86xx series of printers (and quite a few others) to reject remanufactured cartridges on 9/13/16. While their intention is to stem illegal production of cloned and patent-infringing ink cartridges, the un-announced nature of this effort has cost many people a large sum of money and even their jobs. This script is designed to upload the timebomb-less firmware until remanufacturing/filling companies can provide updated cartridges. I want to recommend updating firmware back to the latest version once cartridge refillers have a chance to update their chips/software, but due to the lack of warning and the dishonest nature of HP's tactics, I'd disable all updates until further notice. (That's just my opinion.)


 - HP Officejet 86xx printer connected to local network.
 - Netcat (included in most linux distributions)
 - HP firmware to "downgrade" with saved in the same directory as this script.

Note: I can not provide the firmware, but I will list the version needed for each printer.


The script can be executed from any linux system running bash as follows:


Change to whatever IP your printer has on the network.


  • Support for Windows and OSX
  • Implement OS detection
  • Implement firmware selection
  • Code cleanup
  • Improve future support for more printers

Firmware Filenames/Version

Model Version Filename
8610 FDP1CN1416AR ojpro_8610_1416A_04152014_1.ful.rfu
8620 FDP1CN1416AR ojpro_8620_1416A_04152014_1.ful.rfu
8630 FDP1CN1416AR ojpro_8630_1416A_04152014_1.ful.rfu
8640 FDP1CN1416AR ojpro_8640_1416A_04152014_1.ful.rfu
8660 FDP1CN1416AR ojpro_8660_1416A_04152014_1.ful.rfu

The script can automatically download the firmware files from HP.


I am not affiliated with HP. Officejet is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Development Company. I am not responsible for what you do with this script as it is provided for demonstration purposes only. This script itself is nothing more than a tool and does not in any way provide software/code from HP.