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MeshCentral is an open source, web-based, remote computer monitoring and management web site. It's completely free and you can install it to manage computers on a local network or over the Internet. Here are a few resources to get your started.

  • Main Web Site. Contains instructions, download links, documentation and tutorial videos.
  • Twitter. For the very latest news and updates, this is where announcements are posted first.
  • Blog. Every few weeks, there is a post on the latest news and updates.
  • GitHub Issues. This is where you post bug reports, feature requests and help others.
  • Reddit MeshCentral. Latest discussions on MeshCentral related topics.

For a quick overview of MeshCentral manageability and security features, take a look at these two one page PDF documents.

If you are familial with NodeJS, all you need to know to get MeshCentral running are these two commands:

npm install meshcentral
node node_modules/meshcentral

This would get your running with your own server in a minute of two and can start playing around. By default, MeshCentral will run in LAN-mode, where agents installed on other machines will multicast on the local network to find the server. Once familiar with the basics, you will want to configure MeshCentral on a computer with known DNS name so that agents install all over the internet can connect back to the server.

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