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Memorize piano scales with ease! A piano practice program w/ MIDI support. Consider it an interactive reference manual 🎹


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Piano Trainer - Memorize piano scales and chords with ease | Product Hunt

Piano Trainer

Learn to play the piano at your own pace through various modes of practice. Watch the video

Piano Trainer screenshot Piano Trainer screenshot #2


  • MIDI compatible
    • Home row keyboard input
  • Cross-platform support
  • Interactive scale practice
  • Interactive chord practice
  • Interactive fifths practice
  • Interactive quiz
  • Hard mode

Coming Soon

  • Interactive inversion practice
  • Settings
    • Toggle questions in quiz mode
    • Change keyboard sound


Download for free on all platforms on

or download the latest build here

Run Locally

You'll need to setup Rust and Tauri CLI by following the Getting Started guide here.

$ git clone
$ cd piano-trainer
$ yarn tauri dev

Build Target Binary

Outputs to ./src-tauri/target/release/bundle

$ yarn tauri build


Contributions are more than welcome. Read the Technical Breakdown here to learn about the codebase.

Create a PR pointing to the dev branch. Stable builds will be merged into master.

Code formatting is automically handled with Git Hooks.


Special thank you to ruohki/tauri-midi-example, kevinsqi/react-piano, and the Tauri Discord community.