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  1. rita rita Public

    Real Intelligence Threat Analytics (RITA) is a framework for detecting command and control communication through network traffic analysis.

    Go 2.5k 364

  2. passer passer Public

    Passive service locator, a python sniffer that identifies servers, clients, names and much more

    Python 237 49

  3. BeaKer BeaKer Public

    Beacon Kibana Executable Report. Aggregates Sysmon Network Events With Elasticsearch and Kibana

    Shell 277 42

  4. docker-zeek docker-zeek Public

    Run zeek with zeekctl in docker

    Shell 43 16

  5. zeek-log-transport zeek-log-transport Public

    This script ships logs from Zeek to AC-Hunter

    Shell 5 2

  6. threat-tools threat-tools Public

    Tools for simulating threats

    Python 155 27


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