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Auto reply app helping you move away from less private messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger


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Watomatic - Auto reply for WhatsApp so you can stop using it

Watomatic sends an automated reply to everyone contacting you on WhatsApp. This is especially useful if you are planning to migrate away from WhatsApp but can also be used as a vacation responder.

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  • Auto reply to every WhatsApp message
  • Set your own auto reply message
  • Auto reply to group chats
  • Respects your privacy
    • No analytics or tracking
  • Free and open source

WhatsApp's recent privacy policy changes have triggered a huge migration to more privacy friendly apps like Signal and others. But most of us find it difficult to delete WhatsApp because everyone else uses it. Watomatic tries to make your migration easier by letting your friends automatically know that you are moved to another app. Just set an auto reply message something like “I am not using WhatsApp anymore. Please use Signal…” and let it do the work for you.

This app is not associated with any company including WhatsApp, Facebook, Signal.


Consider supporting us in any way you can if you would like this to be developed further:

  • Moral support (easiest)
  • Development
  • Money: Your generosity is our only source of income (free, no ads, no tracking) so please consider tipping us if you can afford (see a user's message). I am currently funding this with my personal savings and free time but I cannot do it alone for a long time.
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  • Feel free to ask us if you would like to help but do not know how to start


  • Auto reply does not work even after Watomatic is enabled

    Watomatic relies on WhatsApp notifications for auto reply to work. Most users usually have notifications enabled so should work straight out of the box but otherwise please make sure WhatsApp notifications are enabled and WhatsApp fingerprint lock is disabled for this app to work.


  • Why not use WhatsApp business account for auto replies?

    You cannot use business account without accepting the new privacy policy that everyone is trying to avoid.

  • Will this be available for iOS in the future

    This app relies on Android specific notification quick replies feature to function. This may not be possible on iOS.

Missing any features? Let us know in the issues!


About Maintainer

Deekshith Allamaneni is a Software Engineer from Illinois, USA.

Say hi to me on: Twitter, Linkedin, Telegram, Mastodon, Github