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ClearML - PyCharm Plugin

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The ClearML PyCharm plugin enables syncing local execution configuration to a remote executor machine:

  • Sync local repository information to a remote debug machine.

  • Multiple users can use the same resource for execution without compromising private credentials.

  • Run the ClearML Agent on default VMs/Containers.


  1. Download the latest plugin version from the Releases page

  2. Install the plugin in PyCharm from local disk:

Alt Text

Optional: ClearML configuration parameters

Warning: If you set ClearML configuration parameters (ClearML Server and ClearML credentials) in the plugin, they will override those settings in the ClearML configuration file.

  1. In PyCharm, open Settings -> Tools -> ClearML

  2. Configure your ClearML servers information:

    1. API server (for example: http://localhost:8008)
    2. Web server (for example: http://localhost:8080)
    3. File server (for example: http://localhost:8081)
  3. Add your ClearML user credentials key/secret

Alt Text

Additional Documentation

For detailed information about the ClearML open source suite, see our ClearML Documentation.

Community & Support


We encourage your contributions! See our ClearML Guidelines for Contributing.