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Tool to perform UI Automation on Windows desktop applications using an underlying Fla-UI wrapper.


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FlaUI is a .NET library that can be used to perform UI automated testing of Windows desktop applications like Win32, WinForms, WPF, etc.. It is a wrapper that works alongside Windows inbuilt UI Automation technology to perform UI automation as required.

FlaUI has interesting approaches on multiple non-python projects. On python there is an integration with RobotFramework which allows tests to be written on RobotFramework and the keywords from it's plugin are utilized to identify elements by XPATH and perform UI actions.

Other than RobotFramework-FLAUI, there are no Python libraries that help us leverage this useful C# library. The intend of this project is to make sure that a versatile and useful plug-and-play python wrapper is built which works well with IDE's intellisense, integrating with any Python frameworks like PyTest, Behave, TestPlan, etc. or any other tooling where UI automation is a necessary feature.

This project is in active development over the latest version of FlaUI (3.2.0) available on GitHub. New releases are expected to come by in the next few weeks and certainly the documentation would improve alongside the planned releases.

If you would like to contribute or request a feature, feel free to join the discussions on the project's GitHub page.

Release Notes

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Project Roadmap

Check out the project roadmap on GitHub milestones

Active development is targetted towards the first major release of the project. The first major release is expected to be released by the end of 2023. The project roadmap is subject to change based on the project's progress.

You can track the project's progress on this v1.0.0 roadmap page.


Tool to perform UI Automation on Windows desktop applications using an underlying Fla-UI wrapper.




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