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A curated list of awesome resources related to feature flagging & management 🚩


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Awesome Feature Flag Management Awesome

Feature flag management platforms, articles, and resources.

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About Feature Management

Feature Management is a modern software-development practice that decouples feature release from code deployment and enables quick changes to feature availability on demand. It uses a technique called feature flags (also known as feature toggles and feature switches) to dynamically administer a feature's lifecycle.

About OpenFeature

OpenFeature is an open specification that provides a vendor-agnostic, community-driven API for feature flagging that works with your favorite feature flag management tool.

Educational Resources

Fully Open-Source Projects

Multi-language Management Platforms

  • Bucketeer - Feature management and experimentation Javascript.
  • flagr - An open-source feature flagging, A/B testing, and dynamic configuration microservice Go.
  • FeatBit - A fast, scalable, and popular open source feature flags management service C#/.NET.
  • FeatureVisor - Feature management for developers with GitOps TypeScript.
  • Growthbook - An open-source platform to help companies make data-driven product decisions with feature flags and A/B tests TypeScript.

Offering OpenFeature SDKs

  • Go Feature Flag - A simple and lightweight self-hosted feature flag solution Go.
  • FlagSmith - An open-source feature flag & remote config Service Python.
  • Flipt - An open-source feature management platform Go.
  • flagd - A feature flag evaluation engine Go.
  • Unleash - A powerful open-source solution for feature management TypeScript.

Technology-specific Implementations

  • Django Waffle - Feature flipper for Django Python.
  • FF4J - Feature flags for Java Java.
  • flopflip - Feature management for React apps backed by flag provider of your choice TypeScript.
  • FunWithFlags - feature flags for Elixir Elixir.
  • HappyKit - Feature flags for your Next.js applications TypeScript.
  • Laravel Feature Flags - A feature flag option for Laravel PHP.
  • Laravel Pennant - A simple, lightweight feature flag package for Laravel PHP.
  • Togglz - An implementation of the feature toggles pattern for Java Java.

Partially Open-Source Projects

Multi-language Management Platforms

  • ABTasty - A customer experience optimization and feature management company.
  • Apptimize - Enables teams to run A/B tests, rollout and manage new features, and deliver personalized user experiences.
  • Eppo - A next gen A/B experimentation platform that enables entrepreneurial culture.
  • FeatureHub - A highly scalable cloud native platform serving features in near real time.
  • Flagship - Feature management and feature experimentation platform.
  • Molasses - A suite of feature flag and A/B testing tools that allows your teams to ship code more often and with fewer incidents.
  • Optimizely - An experimentation platform that helps developers build and run A/B tests on websites.
  • PostHog - An all-in-one, open source platform for building better products.
  • PreFab - Offers features flags, dynamic log levels and remote config as a service.
  • Statsig - A software product experimentation tool designed to make A/B testing more useful for more companies.
  • Tggl - A platform designed for seamless feature flag management and release orchestration, enabling teams to innovate rapidly and efficiently.

Offering OpenFeature SDKs

  • ConfigCat - A cloud-based service that lets you release features without code deployments.
  • DevCycle - A feature flag management platform built for developers.
  • LaunchDarkly - A feature management platform that allows software development teams to deliver to their customers.
  • Split - A feature delivery platform that powers feature flag management, software experimentation, and continuous delivery.
  • CloudBees - A cloud-based platform that provides end-to-end automated software delivery.
  • Harness - A continuous integration and continuous delivery platform for cloud and on-premise projects.

Technology-specific Implementations

  • Flipper - Feature flags and controls for Ruby apps and their client-side code.
  • Hypertune - Type-safe feature flags, Optimized for TypeScript, Next.js and Vercel Edge Config.


A curated list of awesome resources related to feature flagging & management 🚩




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