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Talkie is a free, open-source, secure, peer-to-peer video chat app that you can use to talk to your friends.

Try it here!

Quick Overview

Talkie is a side-project that I use to play with WebRTC and brand new Web APIs. Talkie uses :

Category API Used for...
WebRTC RtcPeerconnection Creating peer to peer connections
WebRTC Data Channels Sending messages and images
WebRTC MediaDevices / enumerateDevices Selecting audio and video sources
WebRTC MediaDevices/ getUserMedia Stream the user audio / video
WebRTC MediaDevices / getDisplayMedia Share the user screen
PictureInPicture Video / requestPictureInPicture Enable picture in picture for a user
Clipboard writeText Copy the space link
Clipboard write Copy the space QR code
Clipboard paste event Send images from the clipboard over data channels
Canvas captureStream (Experiment) Merge all streams to a canvas
Canvas toBlob To copy a canvas to the clipboard
WebAudio AnalyzerNode Detect sound and silence
Navigator Connection Detect connection type
PWA Service Workers Installing Talkie on your device!


Signaling server

The source code can be found here.

The signaling server is a GraphQL API, written using :

  • ✅ TypeScript
  • 🚀 Apollo server as a GraphQL server
  • 🄺 Koa
  • ♻️ Dependency Injection using Awilix
  • 📦 Redis as a database / pubsub

Web app

The source code can be found here.

The frontend is a React app using :

This project extensively uses new APIs such as CSS Grid or CSS custom properties.

Development environment


To run this project locally, you will need

  • Docker and docker-compose
  • Yarn
  • A version of Node supported by create-react-app.

Running locally

To start the app :

  • Install dependencies using yarn in the project root
  • Run docker-compose up in the project root (this will start Redis and the signaling server in watch mode using ts-node)
  • Run yarn start in the packages/web directory (this will start the front-end)


# Configure the remote machine (install Nginx and Docker)
ansible-playbook infra/playbooks/install.yml

# Configure the reverse proxy
ansible-playbook infra/playbooks/reverse_proxy.yml

# Deploy the app
ansible-playbook infra/playbooks/talkie.yml