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Find vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, secrets, SBOM in containers, Kubernetes, code repositories, clouds and more


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Trivy (pronunciation) is a comprehensive and versatile security scanner. Trivy has scanners that look for security issues, and targets where it can find those issues.

Targets (what Trivy can scan):

  • Container Image
  • Filesystem
  • Git Repository (remote)
  • Virtual Machine Image
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS

Scanners (what Trivy can find there):

  • OS packages and software dependencies in use (SBOM)
  • Known vulnerabilities (CVEs)
  • IaC issues and misconfigurations
  • Sensitive information and secrets
  • Software licenses

Trivy supports most popular programming languages, operating systems, and platforms. For a complete list, see the Scanning Coverage page.

To learn more, go to the Trivy homepage for feature highlights, or to the Documentation site for detailed information.

Quick Start

Get Trivy

Trivy is available in most common distribution channels. The full list of installation options is available in the Installation page. Here are a few popular examples:

Trivy is integrated with many popular platforms and applications. The complete list of integrations is available in the Ecosystem page. Here are a few popular examples:

Canary builds

There are canary builds (Docker Hub, GitHub, ECR images and binaries) as generated every push to main branch.

Please be aware: canary builds might have critical bugs, it's not recommended for use in production.

General usage

trivy <target> [--scanners <scanner1,scanner2>] <subject>


trivy image python:3.4-alpine
trivy fs --scanners vuln,secret,misconfig myproject/
trivy k8s --report summary cluster

k8s summary


How to pronounce the name "Trivy"?

tri is pronounced like trigger, vy is pronounced like envy.

Want more? Check out Aqua

If you liked Trivy, you will love Aqua which builds on top of Trivy to provide even more enhanced capabilities for a complete security management offering.
You can find a high level comparison table specific to Trivy users here.
In addition check out the website for more information about our products and services. If you'd like to contact Aqua or request a demo, please use this form:


Trivy is an Aqua Security open source project.
Learn about our open source work and portfolio here.
Contact us about any matter by opening a GitHub Discussion here Join our Slack community to stay up to date with community efforts.

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