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A BASH script to setup Apache Hadoop and Apache Hive with Derby database on Debian GNU/Linux


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Setup Hadoop using BASH Script on Debian GNU/Linux

This script was wrote for and tested on Debian GNU/Linux. Although it should work on Debian based distros like Ubuntu but it has only been tested on pure Debian.

Two reference video (hindi) to this script can be found on YouTube:

Installing Git

Switch to root


Install git

apt install git

Cloning the repo

Switch to normal user

su <non-root-username>
git clone
cd setup-hadoop

Setup Debian Environment for Hadoop

Switch to root


Make executable and run

chmod +x

You will be prompted to enter the name of non-root user account. Enter the name of the user you want to grant sudo previledge.

Setup Hadoop

Switch to normal user that you previously entered while prompted

su <non-root-username>

Make executable and run

chmod +x

Verify if installation is sucessful

Enter Hadoop directory

cd hadoop-3.3.4

Start all services


After a short while all services will start and you can verify via jps commands if all the scripts are running


This should give an output similar to below:

1539 NameNode  
1988 Jps  
793 SecondaryNameNode  
1037 NodeManager  
957 ResourceManager  
655 DataNode