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Infrared to MQTT adapter for Air Conditioners using the ZH/JT-03 remote


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AC Infrared to MQTT adapter ZH/JT-03

Arduino/ESP8266 infrared to MQTT adapter for air conditioners using the ZH/JT-03 remote.

Supported AC units

The ZH/JT-03 remote supports a wide range of generic AC units from different brands:

  • Chigo
  • Komeco
  • Lloyd
  • Blaupunkt
  • EPiK


  1. Import project into Platform.IO
  2. Create a include/config.h file based on include/config-sample.h with your configuration
  3. Build


To remember the previous state between power cycles, the software uses NodeMCU's EEPROM for storage. When uploading the sketch to new devices, make sure to turn on MEMORY_INIT, but ONLY ONCE! After that, turn this flag off and re-upload.

Note: EEPROMs have a finite lifespan (~100K writes). If you have a stable power source, you can turn this off setting the MEMORY_MODE flag to false.

Protocol specification

The IR signals are sent at 38 KHz. The main message body is placed between two high header signals (6234, 7392) and three footer signals (608, 7372, 616).

Message codes

Command structure

1 2 3 4 5 6
ff00 ff00 bf40 a956 3bc6 54ab
Timer Extra Main Fan Temp+mode -

1. Timer [not implemented]

Code Timer mode
ff00 no timer
_e_1 Set new timer (0-15 hrs delay)
_6_9 Set new timer (16-24 hrs delay)
_a_5 Keep old timer (0-15 hrs delay)
_2_d Keep old timer (16-24 hrs delay)

If a timer is set or kept, the code has to be merged with a delay code:

Code Timer delay
f_0_ 0h
7_8_ 1h
b_4_ 2h
3_c_ 3h
d_2_ 4h
5_a_ 5h
9_6_ 6h
1_e_ 7h
e_1_ 8h
6_9_ 9h
a_5_ 10h
2_d_ 11h
c_3_ 12h
4_b_ 13h
8_7_ 14h
0_f_ 15h
f_0_ 16h
7_8_ 17h
b_4_ 18h
3_c_ 19h
d_2_ 20h
5_a_ 21h
9_6_ 22h
1_e_ 23h
e_1_ 24h

2. Extra (Turbo, Hold) [not implemented]

Code Extra command
ef10 Turbo mode
df20 Hold, i.e. lock current settings
cf30 Hold with Turbo mode on

3. Main Command

The main command always has to be combined with relevant Fan settings (#4) and Temperature settings (#5).

Code Main command
ff00 Power (On/Off)
6f90 Change Sleep Mode
5fa0 Change Air Speed
bf40 Temperature up
7f80 Change AC mode (cool, heat etc.)
3fc0 Temperature down
df20 Change Swing mode
1fe0 Change Air Flow

4. Fan settings

This part is combined from two components:

  • power/swing/sleep
  • speed/air flow
Code Power / swing / sleep
e_1_ Power off with swing mode horizontal
f_0_ Power off with swing mode fixed
d_2_ Power off with swing mode natural
a_5_ Swing mode horizontal
b_4_ Swing mode fixed
9_6_ Swing mode natural
2_d_ Swing mode horizontal with Sleep mode on
3_c_ Swing mode fixed with Sleep mode on
1_e_ Swing mode natural with Sleep mode on
Code Speed / Air flow
_9_6 Air Speed slow
_d_2 Air Speed medium
_b_4 Air Speed fast
_f_0 Air Speed smart
_1_e Air Speed slow with Air Flow on
_5_a Air Speed medium with Air Flow on
_3_c Air Speed fast with Air Flow on
_7_8 Air Speed smart with Air Flow on

5. Temperature and mode settings

This part is combined from two components:

  • temperature
  • AC operation mode
Code Temperature
f_0 16°C (the same as 32°C)
7_8 17°C
b_4 18°C
3_c 19°C
d_2 20°C
5_a 21°C
9_6 22°C
1_e 23°C
e_1 24°C
6_9 25°C
a_5 26°C
2_d 27°C
c_3 28°C
4_b 29°C
8_7 30°C
0_f 31°C
f_0 32°C (the same as 16°C)
Code Operation mode
_f_0 Auto
_b_4 Cool (16-31°C)
_3_c Cool (32°C)
_e_1 Heat (16-31°C)
_6_9 Heat (32°C)
_d_2 Dry
_9_6 Fan (16-31°C)
_1_e Fan (32°C)

6. Footer

Always 54ab (doesn't change).


This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 - see the LICENSE file for details


  • Nixsm for first steps in reverse-engineering the IR protocol