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Nana C++ Library

Linux (gcc 8.3.0 and 9.2)TravisCI build status including (nana-demos)

Windows (Microsoft (R) Build Engine version 15.9.21) AppVeyor build status


Nana is a C++ standard-like GUI library designed to allow developers to easily create cross-platform GUI applications with modern C++ style. Currently it is regularly tested on Linux(X11) and Windows, and experimentally on macOS and FreeBSD. The nana repository contains the entire source of the library. You can browse the source code and submit your pull request for contributing.


Nana is licensed under the Boost Software License


Jinhao, Ariel Viña Rodríguez.


The best way to get help with Nana library is by visiting

Sending a Pull Request ?

This project encourage you to contribute through sending a pull request! There is a simple rule: please don't directly commit your contributions to the master branch. According to your commits, please choose the hotfixes branch or the develop branch. Thank you!

Introduction to the Repository

There are two main branches with an infinite lifetime:

  • master is the main branch and it is marked as every version release.
  • develop is also another main branch where the source code reflects a state with the lastest delivered developement changes for the next release.

Other branches:

  • features are used to develop new features for the upcoming or a distant future release. Feature branches are named as 'feature-FEATURENAME'.
  • hotfix is meant to prepare for a new release, and fixes some bugs from the corresponding tag on the master branch.


a modern C++ GUI library









  • C++ 98.7%
  • CMake 1.3%