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Creators of SpiceDB, the open source fine-grained permissions database. YC W21.

πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the SpiceDB community!

SpiceDB is an open source authorization system originally inspired by Google's Zanzibar paper.

Together we're building a community that empowers everyone to have access to authorization best practices.

πŸ›  Getting Started

πŸ’– Authzed + Open Source

At Authzed, we believe that the software securing your systems needs full transparency: down to each line of code. Because of our team's background of participating open source communities, our default is not only to freely license code, but also build a community that enables participation at all stages of development.

If you choose to contribute to any of our projects, we would love to have you. If you like the experience and think you might want to do this full-time, you can apply to work with us full-time!


  1. spicedb spicedb Public

    Open Source, Google Zanzibar-inspired permissions database to enable fine-grained authorization for customer applications

    Go 4.6k 246

  2. zed zed Public

    Official command-line tool for managing SpiceDB

    Go 109 23

  3. spicedb-operator spicedb-operator Public

    Kubernetes controller for managing instances of SpiceDB

    Go 59 24

  4. controller-idioms controller-idioms Public

    Generic libraries for building idiomatic Kubernetes controllers

    Go 164 6

  5. awesome-spicedb awesome-spicedb Public

    An awesome list for the SpiceDB ecosystem

    65 4

  6. examples examples Public

    A collection of examples for SpiceDB users

    Go 31 5


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