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P8X32A/Propeller, P2X8C4M64P/Propeller 2 driver object for the Nordic Semi. nRF24L01+ transceiver chip


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This is a P8X32A/Propeller, P2X8C4M64P/Propeller 2 driver object for the Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L01+ IC.

IMPORTANT: This software is meant to be used with the spin-standard-library (P8X32A) or p2-spin-standard-library (P2X8C4M64P). Please install the applicable library first before attempting to use this code, otherwise you will be missing several files required to build the project.

Salient Features

  • SPI connection at 4MHz (P1), up to 10MHz (P2)
  • Supports setting carrier frequency from 2,400MHz to 2,525MHz, or by equiv. channel number
  • Set common RF parameters: TX power
  • Supports on-air baud rates of 250kbps, 1000kbps, 2000kbps
  • Address filtering: 3, 4, 5 bytes address width (for pipes 0, 1 only; pipes 2..5: only the LSByte is changeable)
  • Options for increasing transmission robustness: CRC calculation/checking (1 or 2 byte length)
  • Packet radio options: arbitrary payload lengths (1..32), dynamic payload length
  • Carrier-detect
  • FIFO: Read RX/TX states (empty, full, data ready, data sent), flush
  • Optional auto acknowledgement function (aka Enhanced ShockBurst (TM) NORDIC Semiconductor), auto-retransmit count, auto-retransmit delay, max number of retries
  • Selectively enable pipes (0..5), with some settings changeable on a per-pipe basis (payload length, address, address width)
  • Interrupts based on any combination of: New RX data ready, data transmitted, max number of retransmits reached (driver doesn't directly support the IRQ pin - only reading/clearing the interrupt state register)
  • Packet stats: Lost packet count, retransmitted packet count
  • Power on/off
  • RF Testing modes: Force PLL lock, CW mode



  • spin-standard-library
  • P1: 1 additional core/cog, for the PASM SPI engine


  • p2-spin-standard-library

Compiler Compatibility

Processor Language Compiler Backend Status
P1 SPIN1 FlexSpin (6.8.0) Bytecode OK
P1 SPIN1 FlexSpin (6.8.0) Native/PASM OK
P2 SPIN2 FlexSpin (6.8.0) NuCode Build OK (untested)
P2 SPIN2 FlexSpin (6.8.0) Native/PASM2 OK

(other versions or toolchains not listed are not supported, and may or may not work)


  • P2/SPIN2: MOSI and MISO I/O pins must be within 3 pins of SCK
  • API not yet stable
  • RSSI method is only an alias for RPD(), which returns a receive power detect/carrier-detect flag. For wireless.transceiver API compatibility only


P8X32A/Propeller, P2X8C4M64P/Propeller 2 driver object for the Nordic Semi. nRF24L01+ transceiver chip