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P8X32A/Propeller, P2X8C4M64P/Propeller2 driver object for the Semtech SX1280 LoRa/GFSK/FLRC/BLE transceiver chip


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This is a P8X32A/Propeller, P2X8C4M64P/Propeller 2 driver object for the SX1280 LoRa/GFSK/FLRC/BLE transceiver.

IMPORTANT: This software is meant to be used with the spin-standard-library (P8X32A) or p2-spin-standard-library (P2X8C4M64P). Please install the applicable library first before attempting to use this code, otherwise you will be missing several files required to build the project.

Salient Features

  • SPI connection at 1MHz (P1)
  • Over-the-air (OTA) data rate from 125kBaud to 2MBaud (GFSK), 1.2kBaud to 63kBaud (LoRa)
  • GFSK (incl. BLE), FLRC, LoRa modulation
  • Set common RF parameters: Bandwidth, carrier freq, TX power (and ramp-up/down time)
  • Set number of preamble bits/symbols
  • Set function of SX1280's GPIO pins
  • Options for increasing transmission robustness: Data whitening, CRC (1 and 2 byte)
  • RSSI measurement
  • Set/read/clear interrupts
  • Payload received and sent flags (GFSK, BLE, FLRC only)
  • Test modes: Continuous preamble, CW, frequency synthesizer modes
  • Presets for common settings, data rates (LoRa DR0..7)



  • spin-standard-library


  • p2-spin-standard-library

Compiler Compatibility

Processor Language Compiler Backend Status
P1 SPIN1 FlexSpin (5.9.14-beta) Bytecode OK
P1 SPIN1 FlexSpin (5.9.14-beta) Native code OK
P1 SPIN1 OpenSpin (1.00.81) Bytecode Untested (deprecated)
P2 SPIN2 FlexSpin (5.9.14-beta) NuCode Not yet implemented
P2 SPIN2 FlexSpin (5.9.14-beta) Native code Not yet implemented
P1 SPIN1 Brad's Spin Tool (any) Bytecode Unsupported
P1, P2 SPIN1, 2 Propeller Tool (any) Bytecode Unsupported
P1, P2 SPIN1, 2 PNut (any) Bytecode Unsupported


  • Very early in development - may malfunction, or outright fail to build
  • Most settings that have modulation-specific settings availability are only implemented with GFSK in mind - others are planned/WIP
  • UART interface not implemented (not currently planned)