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A collection of PHP backdoors. For educational or testing purposes only.


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A collection of PHP backdoors. For educational and/or testing purposes only.


  • The deobfuscated folder does not necessarily contain deobfuscated versions of the backdoors you can find in the obfuscated folder. To deobfuscate those and other tricks, Check out the PHP tools section.
  • Always investigate malware in a secure environment. This means: separately from your network and in a virtual machine!
  • Some backdoors may be backdoored (yes, really). Don't ever use this for any malicious purposes.
  • The backdoors follow the format: Backdoorname_SHA1.php, granted the name of the backdoor is known.

PHP tools

This includes links to tools for the following:

  • Deobfuscators (online and offline)
  • Beautifiers (online and offline)
  • Testers (running the code - do this in a secure environment!)

Access the links to these tools directly from here.

Other repos

Other information

Read my blog post on 'C99Shell not dead' for more information about PHP backdoors (and in particular c99Shell, which you can also find in this repository). You can also follow me on Twitter.


If you're trying to detect webshells like the ones mentioned in this repository, you may want to use Yara and scan your web server with the following Yara rules specifically for webshells: Yara-Rules/webshells

Alternatively, have a look at the disinfection tips provided in my blog post.



To the extent possible under law, bartblaze has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. He makes no warranties about the work, and disclaims liability for all uses of the work.