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🚅 Interactive prompts made simple. Build a prompt like stacking blocks.


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bullet : Beautiful Python Prompts Made Simple

🎨 Customize prompts in your Python CLI tool. Extensive support for formatting, colors, background colors, styling, and etc. Also supports emojis!

See the sample code for the above demo in ./examples/

✨News: bullet==2.2.0 is up (Finally!)

You can now download the newest version of bullet on PyPI!

Bullet-lists and checkboxes

🎨 Robust support for user-defined styles.

./examples/ ./examples/ ./examples/
Vanilla checkbox Checkbox + styles.Exam Bullet + styles.Greece
Bullet + styles.Ocean Bullet + styles.Lime Bullet + styles.Christmas


See the sample code for the above demo in ./examples/

Other input prompts

⛔ Passwords

👍 Yes/No Questions

🔢 Numbers

Setting up bullet

From PyPI

$ pip install bullet

Build from Source

$ git clone
$ cd bullet
$ pip install .


📖 See Documentation.

Currently supported prompts: Bullet, Check, Input, Numbers, Password, YesNo, VerticalPrompt, SlidePrompt, Scrollbar.


🎉 Directly send PRs! Make sure development is done and tested in Python >= 3.6.


  • Windows Support
  • Search bar with autocomplete