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IrScrutinizer Java CI with Maven + Upload

IrScrutinizer is a powerful program for capturing, generating, analyzing, importing, and exporting of infrared (IR) signals.

Author: Bengt Martensson. See also the project home page.

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) Bengt Martenson 2010-2022. Licensed under the GPL version 3 license or later. Some contained third-party components have different, but compatible, licenses. This is documented elsewhere.


The GitHub repository was previously named harctoolboxbundle, but has been renamed to IrScrutinizer.


The reference manual is included in the distributions. It can be read online here.

A tutorial can be found here.

API documentation is found here (current version only).


Installation from sources, including installation of the dependencies, is covered in detail in the appendix of the manual IrScutinizer.html, also available directly as


A roadmap for the future development is available in the ROADMAP.

Want to help?

All sort contributions are welcome. Bug reports and suggested improvements go to the issues. There, also issues marked "Help wanted" can be found.

Coding guidelines are found here.


Support is offered in the Discussions. Bug reports and suggestions can be posted as isssues.

I also participate in the JP1 forum, see e.g. this thread) and Remote Central and will answer questions there.