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Data-Parallel Shell Scripting


  1. pash pash Public

    PaSh: Light-touch Data-Parallel Shell Processing

    Shell 542 35

  2. try try Public

    Inspect a command's effects before modifying your live system

    Shell 5.1k 65

  3. libdash libdash Public

    The dash shell as a linkable library. Tracks, with extended interfaces, bindings for Python and OCaml, and tools for generating JSON representatio…

    C 38 7

  4. dish dish Public

    DiSh: Dynamic Shell-Script Distribution

    Python 19 3

  5. shasta shasta Public

    A shell AST library in Python

    Python 8 1

  6. annotations annotations Public

    A repo for exploring the PaSh annotation subsystem

    Python 2 1


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