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An IoT Solution,Blinker library for embedded hardware. Works with Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32.


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Blinker library for embedded hardware. Works with Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32.

Why named blinker

When we learn a new embedded hardware, we usually started with the sketch Blink.
We think Blink is the hello world of embedded hardware.
We aim to build a easy learn IoT solution project, which like Blink a led.
So we named this project blinker with this inspiration.

为什么叫 blinker

当我们接触学习一个新的嵌入式硬件平台时, 我们通常是从 Blink 点亮一颗LED开始的。
我们把 Blink 当作硬件开发第一课的 hello world
我们期望做像 Blink 点亮一颗LED 那样简单的物联网解决方案。
根据这个灵感, 我们将这个项目命名为 blinker

What's blinker

blinker is a cross-hardware, cross-platform solution for the IoT. It provides APP, device and server support, and uses public cloud services for data transmission and storage. It can be used in smart home, data monitoring and other fields to help users build Internet of Things projects better and faster.

blinker 是一套跨硬件、跨平台的物联网解决方案,提供APP端、设备端、服务器端支持,使用公有云服务进行数据传输存储。可用于智能家居、数据监测等领域,可以帮助用户更好更快地搭建物联网项目。



WebSockets - for Blinker to build up a websocket server
Adafruit_MQTT_Library - for Blinker to build up a mqtt client
ArduinoJson - for Blinker to format Json data
OneButton - for Blinker to manage button
painlessMesh - for Blinker to build up a mesh network

Due to frequent updates of versions, individual items may not be added in time. We hope to understand. If you find out, please let us know.


WebSockets - Blinker 用这个库建立了一个 websocket 服务器
Adafruit_MQTT_Library - Blinker 用这个库建立了一个 MQTT 客户端
ArduinoJson - Blinker 用这个库解析 Json
OneButton - Blinker 用这个库管理按键
painlessMesh - Blinker 用这个库建立mesh网络