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Open source radio control system for almost anything.


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Open source radio control system for almost anything.
Remotely operate model airplanes, multicopters, helicopters, boats, land vehicles, robots, animatronics, etc.

Main features

  • 20 fully proportional RC channels, each encoded with 10 bits.
  • Configurable RC channel output signal format.
  • Update rate of 50x per second for all RC channels.
  • Receiver binding, Adjustable RF power, Frequency hopping.
  • Reverse, subtrim, endpoints, failsafe.
  • Dual rates and expo, Custom curves, Flight modes.
  • Powerful mixer system, Logical switches, Function generators, Counters, Timers.
  • Custom telemetry, Alarms, Warnings, Notifications, etc.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Model memory. I2C eeprom and SD card supported.
  • Model types, context-aware nomenclature.

Hardware and Schematics

The transmiter and receiver schematics can be found in the 'schematics' folder. The major components are

  • 1x Atmega2560 microcontroller, 2x Atmega328p microcontrollers.
  • 2x SX1276/77/78/79 or RFM95 based Lora modules. Other RF modules can possibly be used with some modifications to the source code.
  • 128x64 KS0108 based LCD. Any 128x64 LCD can however be used (provide own driver code).

User Interface

Three buttons are used for navigation; Up, Select, Down. Long press Select to go Back.

Quick guide

Custom curves
Logical switches
Receiver binding and configuration


Features overview - FreeTX RF link test - FreeTX

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? See the FAQ first.