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MicroK8s is a small, fast, single-package Kubernetes for datacenters and the edge.


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The smallest, fastest Kubernetes

Single-package fully conformant lightweight Kubernetes that works on 42 flavours of Linux. Perfect for:

  • Developer workstations
  • IoT
  • Edge
  • CI/CD

Canonical might have assembled the easiest way to provision a single node Kubernetes cluster - Kelsey Hightower

Why MicroK8s?

  • Small. Developers want the smallest K8s for laptop and workstation development. MicroK8s provides a standalone K8s compatible with Azure AKS, Amazon EKS, Google GKE when you run it on Ubuntu.

  • Simple. Minimize administration and operations with a single-package install that has no moving parts for simplicity and certainty. All dependencies and batteries included.

  • Secure. Updates are available for all security issues and can be applied immediately or scheduled to suit your maintenance cycle.

  • Current. MicroK8s tracks upstream and releases beta, RC and final bits the same day as upstream K8s. You can track latest K8s or stick to any release version from 1.10 onwards.

  • Comprehensive. MicroK8s includes a curated collection of manifests for common K8s capabilities and services:

    • Service Mesh: Istio, Linkerd
    • Serverless: Knative
    • Monitoring: Fluentd, Prometheus, Grafana, Metrics
    • Ingress, DNS, Dashboard, Clustering
    • Automatic updates to the latest Kubernetes version
    • GPGPU bindings for AI/ML

Drop us a line at MicroK8s in the Wild if you are doing something fun with MicroK8s!


Install MicroK8s with:

snap install microk8s --classic

MicroK8s includes a microk8s kubectl command:

sudo microk8s kubectl get nodes
sudo microk8s kubectl get services

To use MicroK8s with your existing kubectl:

sudo microk8s kubectl config view --raw > $HOME/.kube/config

User access without sudo

The microk8s user group is created during the snap installation. Users in that group are granted access to microk8s commands. To add a user to that group:

sudo usermod -a -G microk8s <username>

Kubernetes add-ons

MicroK8s installs a barebones upstream Kubernetes. Additional services like dns and the Kubernetes dashboard can be enabled using the microk8s enable command.

sudo microk8s enable dns
sudo microk8s enable dashboard

Use microk8s status to see a list of enabled and available addons. You can find the addon manifests and/or scripts under ${SNAP}/actions/, with ${SNAP} pointing by default to /snap/microk8s/current.


The official docs are maintained in the Kubernetes upstream Discourse.

Take a look at the build instructions if you want to contribute to MicroK8s.

Get it from the Snap Store