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  1. CefSharp CefSharp Public

    .NET (WPF and Windows Forms) bindings for the Chromium Embedded Framework

    C# 9.7k 2.9k

  2. CefSharp.MinimalExample CefSharp.MinimalExample Public

    Minimal example of how the CefSharp library can be used

    C# 504 432

  3. CefSharp.Wpf.HwndHost CefSharp.Wpf.HwndHost Public

    Designed as a drop in replacement for CefSharp.Wpf for those who want the native Win32 based implementation (For IME support and better performance).

    C# 30 8

  4. CefSharp.Dom CefSharp.Dom Public

    Forked from hardkoded/puppeteer-sharp

    DOM/JavaScript API for CefSharp

    C# 28 5

  5. CefSharp.OutOfProcess CefSharp.OutOfProcess Public

    CefSharp.OutOfProcess provides a convenient way to run CefSharp in a separate process.

    C# 7 6


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