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  1. cert-manager cert-manager Public

    Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates in Kubernetes

    Go 11.6k 2k

  2. trust-manager trust-manager Public

    trust-manager is an operator for distributing trust bundles across a Kubernetes cluster.

    Go 223 61

  3. csi-driver csi-driver Public

    A Kubernetes CSI plugin to automatically mount signed certificates to Pods using ephemeral volumes

    Go 187 46

  4. istio-csr istio-csr Public

    istio-csr is an agent that allows for Istio workload and control plane components to be secured using cert-manager.

    Go 153 56

  5. approver-policy approver-policy Public

    approver-policy is a cert-manager approver that allows users to define policies that restrict what certificates can be requested.

    Go 63 22

  6. issuer-lib issuer-lib Public

    issuer-lib is the Go library for building cert-manager issuers.

    Go 5 4


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