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cert-manager adds certificates and certificate issuers as resource types in Kubernetes clusters, and simplifies the process of obtaining, renewing and using those certificates.

It supports issuing certificates from a variety of sources, including Let's Encrypt (ACME), HashiCorp Vault, and Venafi TPP / TLS Protect Cloud, as well as local in-cluster issuance.

cert-manager also ensures certificates remain valid and up to date, attempting to renew certificates at an appropriate time before expiry to reduce the risk of outages and remove toil.

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Documentation for cert-manager can be found at

For the common use-case of automatically issuing TLS certificates for Ingress resources, see the cert-manager nginx-ingress quick start guide.

For a more comprehensive guide to issuing your first certificate, see our getting started guide.


Installation is documented on the website, with a variety of supported methods.

Developing cert-manager

We actively welcome contributions and we support both Linux and macOS environments for development.

Different platforms have different requirements; we document everything on our Building cert-manager website page.

Note in particular that macOS has several extra requirements, to ensure that modern tools are installed and available. Read the page before getting started!


If you encounter any issues whilst using cert-manager, we have a number of ways to get help:

If you believe you've found a bug and cannot find an existing issue, feel free to open a new issue! Be sure to include as much information as you can about your environment.


The cert-manager-dev Google Group is used for project wide announcements and development coordination. Anybody can join the group by visiting here and clicking "Join Group". A Google account is required to join the group.


We have several public meetings which any member of our Google Group is more than welcome to join!

Check out the details on our website. Feel free to drop in and ask questions, chat with us or just to say hi!


We welcome pull requests with open arms! There's a lot of work to do here, and we're especially concerned with ensuring the longevity and reliability of the project. The contributing guide will help you get started.

Coding Conventions

Code style guidelines are documented on the coding conventions page of the cert-manager website. Please try to follow those guidelines if you're submitting a pull request for cert-manager.

Importing cert-manager as a Module

⚠️ Please note that cert-manager does not currently provide a Go module compatibility guarantee. That means that most code under pkg/ is subject to change in a breaking way, even between minor or patch releases and even if the code is currently publicly exported.

The lack of a Go module compatibility guarantee does not affect API version guarantees under the Kubernetes Deprecation Policy.

For more details see Importing cert-manager in Go on the cert-manager website.

The import path for cert-manager versions 1.8 and later is

For all versions of cert-manager before 1.8, including minor and patch releases, the import path is

Security Reporting

Security is the number one priority for cert-manager. If you think you've found a security vulnerability, we'd love to hear from you.

Follow the instructions in to make a report.


Every release on GitHub has a changelog, and we also publish release notes on the website.


cert-manager is loosely based upon the work of kube-lego and has borrowed some wisdom from other similar projects such as kube-cert-manager.

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