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GitHub CLI

gh is GitHub on the command line. It brings pull requests, issues, and other GitHub concepts to the terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code.

screenshot of gh pr status

GitHub CLI is supported for users on and GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20+ with support for macOS, Windows, and Linux.


For installation options see below, for usage instructions see the manual.


If anything feels off, or if you feel that some functionality is missing, please check out the contributing page. There you will find instructions for sharing your feedback, building the tool locally, and submitting pull requests to the project.

If you are a hubber and are interested in shipping new commands for the CLI, check out our doc on internal contributions.



gh is available via Homebrew, MacPorts, Conda, Spack, Webi, and as a downloadable binary including Mac OS installer .pkg from the releases page.


As of May 29th, Mac OS installer .pkg are unsigned with efforts prioritized in cli/cli#9139 to support signing them.


Install: Upgrade:
brew install gh brew upgrade gh


Install: Upgrade:
sudo port install gh sudo port selfupdate && sudo port upgrade gh


Install: Upgrade:
conda install gh --channel conda-forge conda update gh --channel conda-forge

Additional Conda installation options available on the gh-feedstock page.


Install: Upgrade:
spack install gh spack uninstall gh && spack install gh


Install: Upgrade:
curl -sS | sh webi gh@stable

For more information about the Webi installer see its homepage.

Linux & BSD

gh is available via:

For more information, see Linux & BSD installation.


gh is available via WinGet, scoop, Chocolatey, Conda, Webi, and as downloadable MSI.


Install: Upgrade:
winget install --id GitHub.cli winget upgrade --id GitHub.cli

The Windows installer modifies your PATH. When using Windows Terminal, you will need to open a new window for the changes to take effect. (Simply opening a new tab will not be sufficient.)


Install: Upgrade:
scoop install gh scoop update gh


Install: Upgrade:
choco install gh choco upgrade gh

Signed MSI

MSI installers are available for download on the releases page.


To add GitHub CLI to your codespace, add the following to your devcontainer file:

"features": {
  "": {}

GitHub Actions

GitHub CLI comes pre-installed in all GitHub-Hosted Runners.

Other platforms

Download packaged binaries from the releases page.

Build from source

See here on how to build GitHub CLI from source.

Comparison with hub

For many years, hub was the unofficial GitHub CLI tool. gh is a new project that helps us explore what an official GitHub CLI tool can look like with a fundamentally different design. While both tools bring GitHub to the terminal, hub behaves as a proxy to git, and gh is a standalone tool. Check out our more detailed explanation to learn more.