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Go Report Card License

Coroot-pg-agent is an open-source prometheus exporter that gathers metrics from Postgres servers.


Metrics should help you identify issues with your Postgres servers.
This agent collects metrics that can help you answer questions such as:

  • What queries are consuming the most IOPS or CPU time?
  • Which transactions are hanging in the Idle in transaction state?
  • Which query is holding the lock?

This provides visibility into Postgres performance without the need to navigate through system views manually.


Comprehensive query metrics

The agent aggregates data from pg_stat_statements and pg_stat_activity to provide accurate metrics about queries, whether they are completed or still running.

Learn more about query metrics in the blog post "Missing metrics required to gain visibility into Postgres performance"

Locks monitoring

It is not enough to gather the number of active locks from pg_locks. What engineers really want to know is which query is blocking other queries. The pg_lock_awaiting_queries metric can provide the answer to that.

Query normalization and obfuscation

In addition to query normalization, which Postgres does, the agent obfuscates all queries so that no sensitive data gets into the metrics labels.

Quick start

Create database role

create role <USER> with login password '<PASSWORD>';
grant pg_monitor to <USER>;

Enable pg_stat_statements

create extension pg_stat_statements;
select * from pg_stat_statements; -- to check


docker run --detach --name coroot-pg-agent \
--env DSN="postgresql://<USER>:<PASSWORD>@<HOST>:5432/postgres?connect_timeout=1&statement_timeout=30000" \


The collected metrics are described here.


Coroot-pg-agent is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.