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Coroot is an open-source APM & Observability tool, a DataDog and NewRelic alternative 📊, 🖥️, 👉. Powered by eBPF for rapid insights into system performance. Monitor, analyze, and optimize your infrastructure effortlessly for peak reliability at any scale.


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Open-source observability augmented with actionable insights

Collecting metrics, logs, and traces alone doesn't make your applications observable. Coroot turns that data into actionable insights for you!


Zero-instrumentation observability

  • Metrics, logs, traces, and profiles are gathered automatically by using eBPF
  • Coroot provides you with a Service Map that covers 100% of your system with no blind spots
  • Predefined inspections audit each application without any configuration

Application Health Summary

  • Easily understand the status of your services, even when dealing with hundreds of them
  • Gain insight into application logs without the need to manually inspect each one
  • SLOs (Service Level Objectives) tracking

Explore any outlier requests with distributed tracing

  • Investigate any anomaly with just one click
  • Vendor-neutral instrumentation with OpenTelemetry
  • Are you unable to instrument legacy or third-party services? Coroot's eBPF-based instrumentation can capture requests without requiring any code changes.

Grasp insights from logs with just a quick glance

  • Log patterns: out-of-the-box event clustering
  • Seamless logs-to-traces correlation
  • Lightning-fast search based on ClickHouse

Profile any application in 1 click

  • Analyze any unexpected spike in CPU or memory usage down to the precise line of code
  • Don't make assumptions, know exactly what the resources were spent on
  • Easily investigate any anomaly by comparing it to the system's baseline behavior

Built-in expertise

  • Coroot can automatically identify over 80% of issues
  • If an app is not meeting its Service Level Objectives (SLOs), Coroot will send a single alert that includes the results of all relevant inspections
  • You can easily adjust any inspection for a particular application or an entire project

Deployment Tracking

  • Coroot discovers and monitors every application rollout in your Kubernetes cluster
  • Requires no integration with your CI/CD pipeline
  • Each release is automatically compared with the previous one, so you'll never miss even the slightest performance degradation
  • With integrated Cost Monitoring, developers can track how each change affects their cloud bill

Cost Monitoring

  • Understand your cloud costs down to the specific application
  • Doesn't require access to you cloud account or any other configurations
  • AWS, GCP, Azure


You can run Coroot as a Docker container or deploy it into any Kubernetes cluster. Check out the Installation guide.


The Coroot documentation is available at

Live demo

A live demo of Coroot is available at

Community & Support


To start contributing, check out our Contributing Guide.


Coroot is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.