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Convert common irsend to specific vendor #1982

Answered by crankyoldgit
beckmx asked this question in Q&A
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Unfortunately, there doesn't exist a convenient method to convert a stdAc::state_t into a specific IRWhirlpoolAC object state. There just hasn't been a pressing need for it, or a practical use case for it.

The best I can suggest is copy the code from:


Lines 2731 to 2768 in e52495f

/// Send a Whirlpool A/C message with the supplied settings.
/// @param[in, out] ac A Ptr to an IRWhirlpoolAc object to use.
/// @param[in] model The A/C model to use.
/// @param[in] on The power setting.
/// @param[in] mode The operation mode setting.
/// @param[in] degrees The temperature setting in degrees.
/// @…

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