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Unfortunetly, currently this integraiton is in a broken state.

On June 26th, Aerogarden launched their new Android and iOS app, replacing the old app. This came with the consiquence of a new backend API, replacing the old API that this integration used to gather information for Home Assistant. While the old API is still functioning, its returning stale data from the time that Aerogarden swapped over to the new system.

I've tried sliding in a web proxy to record HTTPS traffic and determine the new API schema and login mechanism, but unfortunetly the new app also validates its own certificates rather than using the system certificate store. Determining the information we'd need to fix the integration may be outside my current expertese.

If you have experence with Android or iOS app development, and think you'd be able to reverse engineer how the new app make's its calls to the new API, please reach out via the existing Issue thread. Any insight would be greatly appecaited.





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Code Style HACS/HASS CodeQL

This is a custom component for Home Assistant that adds support for the Miracle Grow AeroGarden Wi-fi hydroponic gardens.


Overhaul of work done by jacobdonenfeld who picked up the torch from ksheumaker who was inspired by a forum post by epotex. Utilizes the non-public Aerogarden API to read and write information for gardens added to a user's Aerogarden account.

Data available

A device will be created for each Aerogarden registered in a user's Aerogarden account. A device has the following sensors associated with it:

Binary Sensors

  • Light - On if garden light is on; Off otherwise
  • Needs Nutrients - Problem if garden needs nutrients; OK otherwise
  • Needs Water - Problem if garden needs water; OK otherwise
  • Pump - Running if garden pump is running; Not running otherwise


  • Nutrient Days - Days left in the configured nutrient cycle.
  • Planted Days - Days since the garden was initially planted.
  • Water Level - Current state of the reservoir level; Full, Medium, or Low


Tested Models

  • Harvest Wi-fi
  • Bounty

Other models are expected to work. Actively interested in users with a multi-garden setup to test code paths I cannot with my single-garden setup.



This integration is made available through the Home Assistant Community Store default feed. Simply search for "Aerogarden" and install it directly from HACS.


Please see the official HACS documentation for information on how to install and use HACS.

Manual Installation

Copy custom_components/aerogarden into your Home Assistant $HA_HOME/config directory, then restart Home Assistant

Initial Setup

Add an integration entry as normal from integration section of the home assistant settings. You'll need the following configuration items

  • Email: The e-mail registered with your Aerogarden account.
  • Password: The password for this account.


Additional Configuration

After adding an integration entry, the following additional configurations can be modified via the configuration options dialog.

  • Polling Interval (Seconds): The time between update calls to the Aerogarden API. Minimum allowed polling interval is 30 seconds.
  • Update Password: When provided, updates the password used to connect to your Aerogarden account. Requires Home Assistant restart.


Note about the Aerogarden API

This integration uses a non-public API to fetch information; the same API that is used by Aerogarden devices. This API has had a number of outages this last year, which leads to issues using this integration. Please make sure this status badge is reporting green before opening any issues, as a red status would indicate problems with the API and not the Integration

Aerogarden API Status