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artnet_to_opendmx   Latest Release Build License

A simple artnet to opendmx bridge

Works with both COM- and /dev/tty-Ports.


artnet_to_opendmx.exe <UNIVERSE> <DEVICE_NAME> [OPTIONS]
artnet_to_opendmx.exe <COMMAND>
list List available devices
help Print a message
version Print version
< UNIVERSE > The art-net universe to listen to
< DEVICE_NAME > The interface port name
-c --controller A specific controller to listen to (localhost is (default: all)
-p --port The port to listen to (default: 6454)
-n --name The name of the node
-b --break The minimum time in milliseconds between two dmx packets (default: 25)
-r --remember Keep the last dmx values if the art-net connection is lost (default: false)
--verbose Print information about the received art-net packets (default: false)
--nogui Disable the GUI (default: false)


Opens a bridge named "Interface1" on universe 0 and the device COM4

artnet_to_opendmx.exe 0 COM4 --name "Interface1" --remember --verbose

List all available devices

artnet_to_opendmx.exe list


  • Settings-Window has scaling issues

    Check if the application has the permission to scale the window. This should only be a problem on linux.

  • Flickering DMX output

    If the DMX output flickers, try to increase the break time. This can happen if the DMX-Interface is not able to handle the data rate.

    If multiple senders are sending data to the same universe, the data might interfere. Try to set the controller option to a specific sender.

  • Anything else?

    Please open an issue if you encounter any other problems.


Make sure to install the dependencies listed in dependencies.txt before building the project.


Contributions are welcome! If you have something that could improve the program, please open an issue or a pull request.