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Hey there, fellow coders! πŸš€

Are you on the lookout for a friendly, active community that's all about coding , open source , jobs , internships ? A place where you can find the best resources, get help whenever you need it, and grow along with like-minded coders? Your search ends at

Here's what you get when you join us:

24/7 Support: Our Discord and WhatsApp groups are buzzing with activity, discussions, and help round the clock.

One-on-One Mentorship: Need guidance? Get it directly from experienced mentors who have been there, done that.

Deepanshu Udhwani (SWE MakemyTrip Ex. Alibaba Cloud) , Aryan Singh(SWE Google)

Free Guides & Resources: No need to hunt for quality study materials. We've got a vast collection that you can access any time to learn at your own pace.

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Name Stipend Timeline Start Date(s) End Date(s) Restrictions
MLH Open Source Fellowship Yes timeline Jan 31 2022
May 31 2022
June 20 2022
Sep 19 2022
Apr 22 2022
Aug 19 2022
Sep 09 2022
Dec 09 2022
No restriction
Season of Docs Yes timeline Feb 3, 2022 Nov 9, 2022 N/A
Summer of Bitcoin Yes timeline Jan 1, 2022 Aug 26, 2022
Season of KDE No timeline December April N/A
Outreachy Yes timeline August
February 22
Early March
Late August -
RGSOC Yes timeline March September N/A
GSOC Yes timeline March April N/A
LFN Mentorship Program Yes timeline January June N/A
The X.Org Endless Vacation of Code (EVoC) Yes timeline April N/A
Julia Summer of Code Yes timeline
Free Software Foundation Internship No timeline February May N/A
Radare Summer of Code Yes timeline March September N/A
Summer of Haskell Yes timeline April 4 September 12 N/A
Open Mainframe Project - Linux Foundation Yes
Processing Foundation Fellowship Yes N/A
RARE Technologies Student Incubator Programme Yes timeline N/A
Open Summer of Code Yes timeline 5 July 29 July N/A
FOSSASIA Internship Programme Yes timeline Whole year N/A
Hyperledger Mentorship Program Yes timeline Whole Year N/A
XR Open Source Fellowship Program Yes timeline 20th Feb 2023 15th March 2023 ELIGIBILITY
Snowplow Yes N/A
Redox Summer Of Code Yes N/A
Millennium Fellowship No timeline June December N/A
John Hunter Matplotlib Summer Fellowship Yes timeline
Igalia Coding Experience Program Yes timeline N/A
Google Summer of Earth Engine Yes timeline March 15 April 15 N/A
Alibaba Summer of Code Yes timeline N/A
Linux Kernel Mentorship Program Yes timeline Spring/Summer/Fall N/A
Community Bridge Mentorship (by Linux Foundation) Yes N/A
Programa de EstΓ‘gio BEES Yes N/A
PClub Summer Of Code No timeline N/A
RubyMe Mentorship Program Yes N/A
Vectorised IO Yes N/A
Summer of Open Souce Promotion Plan Yes timeline May 24 October 22 N/A
Tencent Rhino-bird Open-source Training Program Yes timeline N/A
Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Program NO N/A
Microsoft Reinforcement Learning Open Source Fest Yes timeline May 9, 2022
Sep 12, 2022
Aug 15, 2022
Dec 2, 2022
Devtron Yes N/A
Nasqueron DevOps & Dev Open Source Program No Whole Year N/A
Social Summer Of Code (SSOC) No timeline Sat Apr 01 2023 Mon Jul 31 2023 N/A
  • *Interns must be currently enrolled or employed at a U.S. university or other research institution and must currently reside in, and be eligible to work in, the United States.
  • ** OSoC is only open to Belgian students.

Open Source Competitions

Name Awards Timeline Number per team
Bountiful Open Source Summer- BOSS Prizes For Winners timeline
FOSSASIA Codeheat Cash Prizes For Winners timeline
Data Driven Competitions Cash Prizes For Winners timeline
Hacktoberfest Swag Rewards timeline
24 Pull Requests No Prizes Offered timeline
Halite AI Bot Challenge Swag rewards for winners N/A
OSS World Challenge Prizes For Winners timeline
ACM MM Open Source Software Competition Prizes For Winners N/A
Girlscript Summer of Code Prizes, swag rewards and internship opportunities for winners timeline
GirlScript Winter of Contributing Prizes, swag rewards, Certificate timeline
Script Winter of Code SWOC Swag Rewards Timeline
Google Season of Docs GSOD Swag Rewards Timeline
  • *Indian Students Only
  • ** OSS World Challenge has temporarily stopped accepting international applications.

University SoC/WoC

Name Awards Timeline
FOSS Overflow Stipend upto 10k INR & Swags & Certification (WOC) timeline
JGEC Winter of Code Certificates & swag rewards & Cash timeline
OSS Summer of Innovation Swag rewards
NJACK Winter Of Code Swag rewards timeline
Kharagpur Winter Of Code Swag rewards timeline
OpenCode IIITA Swag rewards
FOSSEE Summer Fellowship Yes
Winter of Code by NSEC Swag rewards & Goodies offered
Semester Long Projects (SLoP by DA-IICT) Prizes, swag rewards and internship opportunities for winners
Sanscript Autumn of Open Source Winner Certificate + Badge + surprise gifts
Delta Winter of Code (DWoC) Certificates to all and Swag rewards timeline
DevScript Winter of Code (DWoC) Certificates, SWAGs, Subscriptions, Internship Opportunity timeline
Hack-Club-SRM (HCSSoC) Certificates, SWAGs timeline
Cross Winter of code (CrossWoC) Certificates, SWAGs timeline
IIIT-Kalyani Winter of code (WoC 2.0) Certificates, SWAGs timeline

Refer the for more details

πŸš€ Click here πŸ‘‰ 🌐 to ignite your journey.

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