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Virtual desktop environment backend. WebRTC renderer.


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This app uses WebRTC to stream a desktop inside of a docker container. Client can be found here: demodesk/neko-client.

For community edition neko with GUI and plug & play deployment visit m1k1o/neko.

m1k1o/neko vs demodesk/neko, why do we have two of them?

This project started as a fork of m1k1o/neko. But over time, development went way ahead of the original one in terms of features, updates and refactoring. The goal is to rebase m1k1o/neko repository onto this one and move all extra features (such as chat and emotes) to a standalone plugin.

  • This project is aimed to be the engine providing foundation for all applications that are streaming desktop environment using WebRTC to the browser.
  • m1k1o/neko is meant to be self-hosted replacement for Community edition with well-known GUI, all the social functions (such as chat and emotes) and easy deployment.

Notable differences to the m1k1o/neko are:

  • Go plugin support.
  • Multiple encoding qualities simulcast.
    • Bandwidth estimation and adaptive quality.
  • Custom screen size (with automatic sync).
  • Single cursor for host - cursor image proxying.
  • Custom cursor style/badge for participants.
  • Inactive cursors (participants that are not hosting).
  • Fallback mode and reconnection improvements:
    • Watching using screencasting.
    • Controlling using websockets.
  • Members handling:
    • Access control (view, interactivity, clipboard).
    • Posibility to add external members providers.
    • Persistent login (using cookies).
  • Drag and drop passthrough.
  • File upload passthrough (experimental).
  • Microphone passthrough.
  • Webcam passthrough (experimental).
  • Bi-directional text/html clipboard.
  • Keyboard layouts/variants.
  • Metrics and REST API.