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Transmission daemon for android. Single APK with external settings.


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Transmission daemon for Android

This project is based on Windows version: Some code components may slightly differ.


Clone current repository and build TransmissionAndroid.sln file with Visual Studio 2022 or newer. No, additional black magic is not required. Yes, just that simple. All components, such as third-party modules and SSL library, are included as raw source code files.


  • latest Transmission source code (currently v4.0.x)
  • full control over transmission start arguments
  • full control over settings.json file and other data
  • ability to use custom Web UI
  • autostart on device boot
  • compatible with Android 5.0 or newer versions
  • root is not required


Application uses path [external_storage]/Transmission as root folder. Permission MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is mandatory to use this folder, you need to grant access manually in your device settings. Root folder contains subfolders Config (application settings and service data) and Web (web UI files). Some settings will be calculated at runtime during first launch.

Probably you want/should change following settings in file [external_storage]/Transmission/Config/settings.json: download-dir, incomplete-dir. Default folder for torrents is [external_storage]/Transmission/Torrents.

Also, be aware: default settings allow any remote user connect to your transmission server without password. If you plan to use it over public network - then you you need to tweak settings.json file to restrict access. See transmission documentation about how to do this.

UI client

Transmission is a background service, it has no build-in interface. If you see the following screen - then transmission is running just fine.

You need some third-party client for transmission server, for example this one: Just install it and connect to localhost on port 9091.


Web UI

Web UI files are not included in package. You can put your own files into [app_folder]/Web folder (for example Then open http://localhost:9091 and you should see UI: