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Official organization for the Development Containers Specification and dev container resources.

Welcome to the Development Containers Community

In this community we maintain the Development Containers (dev container) Specification. The dev container spec defines a standard for any development tool to use a container as a full-featured development environment.

Join us to continue to make this spec and the reference CLI implementation even better! There are several ways you can chat with the spec maintainers and the community:

  • Open a GitHub Discussion
  • Open issues on the relevant repository in the devcontainers org
  • Join our Slack channel! You may reply to this Discussion to get added

The dev containers specification is maintained in the spec repo.

We maintain a set of images and Features as part of the specification.

You can also create and share your own Features. We've created a Features template repo to help along the way.

The site is in the repo.

Popular repositories

  1. spec spec Public

    Development Containers: Use a container as a full-featured development environment.

    3k 185

  2. cli cli Public

    A reference implementation for the specification that can create and configure a dev container from a devcontainer.json.

    TypeScript 1.3k 186

  3. images images Public

    Repository for pre-built dev container images published under

    JavaScript 1.1k 395

  4. templates templates Public

    Repository for Dev Container Templates that are managed by Dev Container spec maintainers. See to create your own!

    Shell 836 221

  5. features features Public

    A collection of Dev Container Features managed by Dev Container spec maintainers. See to publish your own

    Shell 797 303

  6. ci ci Public

    A GitHub Action and Azure DevOps Task designed to simplify using Dev Containers ( in CI/CD systems.

    TypeScript 297 43


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