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STF Setup Examples using Vagrant and Docker

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Smartphone Test Farm Setup Examples

Smartphone Test Farm is a great tool to create on-premise device farm. And also, it is very easy to get started with it using it's stf local feature. But the problem is, this feature was developed for development purpose. Users are not supposed to use it in production. It is okay to use it for a small farm of 10 ~ 15 devices with one host machine. But to scale you will have to deploy it over a cluster instead.

This project will provide various setup examples of STF in production environment. I will be using Vagrant with VirtualBox provider to create virtual cluster for demonstration.


  • This project assumes that you already have read following nicely written documents. In case you haven't read, it is highly recommended to read them before going ahead.
  • You are on OS X
    • Theoritically this can be done on any OS which supports VirtualBox and Vagrant but they haven't been confirmed yet!


Setup Architecture

Before going any further, I am going to give you a brief idea about what kind of setups are we going to do. Most of the setups will have two major components.

  • Database Cluster
    • Cluster for running database. Rethinkdb cluster.
  • STF Cluster
    • Cluster where STF components will be running. (CoreOS, Ubuntu etc)


We will be creating these clusters using Vagrant and VirtualBox. And then deploy various software components on these clusters. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a running STF on your VMs which you will be able to access on from your browser. Stay Excited!


git clone stf-setup-examples
cd stf-setup-examples

Create Rethinkdb Cluster

Lets create rethinkdb cluster. Go to the db folder and run vagrant up. Yeah, thats it.

cd ./db; vagrant up

Above command will do following things

  • Download bento/ubuntu-16.04 image if image is not present (this may take time depending on internet speed)
  • Launch Ubuntu VM and set its IP to
  • Install and run rethinkdb server

You can confirm if rethinkdb is up by visiting rethinkdb admin console

Please have a look at Vagrantfile to have better understanding about what is happening.

TODO: Use 2 instances of VM for rethinkdb if somebody complains that this is not a real cluster.

Create STF Cluster

Please check following host specific docs for STF cluster creation and deployment strategy.


STF Setup Examples using Vagrant and Docker






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