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Open-source infrared remote control signal analysis and generating tool


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IR Remote Control Clone Utility

IR Clone is an open-source infrared remote control signal analysis and generating tool. This utility can clone IR signals, examine the IR remote control signals, and modify or create new IR signals.

IR Clone build video

This project consists of both hardware and software utilities. The hardware module contains an 8-bit MCU, 32Kbit EEPROM, IR receiver, and transmitter.

The software application provides options to decode captured data and generate new IR signals.

IR Clone is an OSHW certified open-source project. All the schematics, PCB design files, firmware source codes, and application source codes are available in this repository.

The complete documentation of this project is available in the wiki section of this repository. The PCB Gerber files and compiled binaries are also available in the release section of this repository.

All the content of this project are distributed under the terms of the following license: