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A graphical user interface for managing local or remote Palworld dedicated servers. Web app available.


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Palworld Dedicated Server GUI

This is a GUI for the Palworld Dedicated Server. Configure and manage your remote/local server visually. Control your server from anywhere with the web interface.

Web Interface

You can either download the Windows app or use the web interface at:


You can downloads the latest versions from the releases page.

WebView2 is required. You most likely already have it installed, so you don't need to worry.


Be aware that this software is still in early development and may contain bugs. Please report any issues you find.


Connecting Home Settings Admin Backups



In ./app run wails dev -s to start the app.

Building the app

Navigate to ./app and run wails build --clean --platform windows/amd64.

Building the server

Navigate to ./server and run go build -o server.exe.


Feel free to contribute to this project by opening issues or pull requests. Please follow the code style of the project.