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Welcome to dwl wiki! Feel invited to contribute your specific knowledge to this page.


Since dwl follows suckless philosophy it doesn't provide every feature under the sun. To broaden dwl's functionality one needs to get familiar with a concept of patching. To get your feet wet, consult the hacking page of the suckless website. Once you're ready to customize your build proceed to the patches section of this wiki that contains a categorized list of all patches available or search them directly via sidebar on the right section of this page.

Note: these external patches are user-submitted content, and the authors of dwl cannot monitor them. Please download and review a patch before using it!

Another note: since dwl is still taking shape, patches may need to be updated after larger changes to the code. Feel free to contribute updated versions!

Compatible status bars

Migrating from X


To submit a patch go to the patches section for relevant instructions.

You can also submit a screenshot of your build by editing screenshot section to give newcomers a notion of dwl's appearance.

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