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Elkowars Wacky Widgets is a standalone widget system made in Rust that allows you to implement your own, custom widgets in any window manager.

Documentation and instructions on how to install can be found here.

Dharmx also wrote a nice, beginner friendly introductory guide for eww here.

Eww needs your opinion!

I've hit a bit of a design roadblock for one of the bigger features that are in the works right now.

Please read through #453 and share your thoughts, ideas and opinions!


(Note that some of these still make use of the old configuration syntax.)




If you want to contribute anything, like adding new widgets, features, or subcommands (including sample configs), you should definitely do so.


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Install dependencies
  3. Smash your head against the keyboard from frustration (coding is hard)
  4. Write down your changes in
  5. Open a pull request once you're finished