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mail help config and dot files for mutt with Gmail on macOS (mbsync, fdm, msmtp).


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mailhelp (mutt + mbsync + fdm + msmtp on macOS for gmail)

Config and dot files for mutt-based setup on macOS for gmail: mutt, mbsync, fdm, msmtp. mutt, mbsync and msmtp installed through brew, while fdm compiled from source.

A reasonable mail client (MUA).

Short for mailbox sync. allows sync'ing remote IMAP mailboxes with local storage. While mutt supports IMAPS, the latency is irritating and wanted my mail offline, in case gmail decides to lock me out one day. mbsync is an alternative to offlineimap and fetchmail.

Short for fetch and deliver mail. Powerful, config driven fetch and deliver utility that can fetch mail as well as deliver it to local folders. Since mbsync fetches mail, fdm delivers it to local maildir folders, based on fiter rules. fdm is an alternative for procmail.

SMTP client that talks with gmail. Mutt has SMTP support, but again, the latency is irritating. msmtp is an excellent alternative to a full-fledged MTA like sendmail or postfix.

Setup on macOS

mutt, mbsync (isync) and msmtp can be installed through brew. fdm requires compiling from source.


Roughly looks like this: mutt etc.